That depends on you. Your needs are unique. You may need basic information about the Storyline Approach or a bespoke topic. Maybe you need CLPL or ongoing staff support. Carol is happy to work with you in a way that suits you. You might wish to have a 'zoom' session to find out more about the Storyline Approach.


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  • INSET - whole/half day workshops for all staff

  • CLPL - school, department, nursery, management team and ongoing support

  • TRAINING - in implementing the Storyline Approach, writing Storylines

  • COURSES - tailored to your needs e.g. 'Developing Effective Questioning'

UNIVERSITIES - Initial Teacher Education

  • TRAINING - in the Storyline Approach for staff, students and teachers

  • COURSES - standalone and integrated

  • MANUAL - developing the Storyline approach, Storyline materials, matched course assignments, journal, online/distance learning

  • RESEARCH - support and advice, PhD

  • CONFERENCES - planning, organisation, presenting, Keynote Address, pre-conference workshops


  • TRAINING - in the Storyline Approach for staff, management and organisation

  • STORYLINES - written and designed for each organisation to enhance learning outcomes for learners and for the school curriculum

  • SUPPORT - enhancing visitor experience and ongoing development

  • PROMOTION - of your philosophy


Carol has published 2 books about the Storyline Approach:

  • Storyline: creative learning across the curriculum (2014) - costs £15 +post and package
  • Storyline: developing effective questioning (2017) - costs £15 + post and package

Storyline - creative learning across the curriculum

Storyline-creative learning

The purpose of this featured UKLA, Ideas in Practice 7 Book, is to give background information about the Storyline Approach, its philosophy, methodology and practical application. Planning grids are provided suggesting ideas for Storyline topics. These can be adapted to meet the needs of the children and the focus of the learning. They include details of the episodes, key questions, activities, organisation, resources, skills and linked assessments. The completed grids are for the following topics:

  • The Wildlife Garden: for younger children in nursery or early years of primary school,
  • The Healthy Café: age 7-11 years
  • The Bead, Bag, Box and Card Company: age 7-14 years, this topic uses the skills required for enterprise education and can be adapted to suit younger children,
  • Our Eco-Home: age 7-14 years and can be adapted to suit the first two years of secondary school and involves research into renewable energy.

This book is also available in the UK as an e-book and hard copy from www.ukla.org publications, cost £15 +post and package

Storyline - Developing effective questioning

In the context of the Storyline Approach, this book explores the following; the importance of questioning in children’s learning, questioning techniques, extending a questioning repertoire, questioning within a variety of contexts, expanded classroom exemplars, suggestions for professional development, and the importance of a supportive, safe and creative environment where every question is a learning opportunity for both adult and child.

The purpose of this companion book to Storyline: creative learning across the curriculum is to take a closer look at the effectiveness of questioning in a Storyline as an integral part of teaching and learning. In particular, it looks at the importance of effective questioning in order to encourage meaningful and purposeful discussion, the development of children’s higher order thinking skills and to widen their knowledge, deepen their understanding and problem solving abilities.

This book costs £15 + post and package.

Developing effective questioning

Book Reviews

  • ‘They are really reader friendly and very practical, easy to use’
  • ‘What is most interesting to me is the book about effective questioning because it is a powerful approach to learning and teaching, not only during a Storyline’
  • 'Very practical’
  • ‘You have now published two excellent books about your Storyline experience’
  • ‘My students found it very interesting’
  • ‘Your books are great; they will be very valuable for teachers’
  • ‘It is good to have examples from the different Storyline topics’