The  Storyline Approach is a powerful tool for learning and teaching, based on the work of Vygotsky, that has seen success across the world. It engages learners in purposeful learning through topics.

In planning a Storyline, the teacher uses the vehicle of a narrative to focus and contextualise the learning and teaching through a specific topic. The most important aspect of this approach is that it starts with what the learner already knows. The Storyline Approach uses carefully designed questions and activities to build, and further develop their knowledge and skills.

Each Storyline uses the same structure. The teacher plans a ‘line’ of episodes, each of which has carefully designed key questions. These encourage and support the learner to contextualise and create the ‘story’, promoting exciting learning. It aims to give ownership to the learner and to promote independence and confidence.

The Storyline begins by creating the settings and characters that will bring the narrative to life. Further episodes follow to develop the story and there is a celebration to end the topic. Finally, there is a review and evaluation of the learning and teaching that has taken place where the next steps are identified for both teacher and learner.


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As an experienced teacher, head teacher, lecturer, designer, writer and Storyline ConsultantCarol Omand now spends much of her time training and supporting others in the Storyline Approach.

This is a creative approach to learning and teaching, based on the work of Vygotsky, that has seen success across the world.
The flexibility of the approach ensures that it can form an integral component of any school curriculum or information programme.

Schools and Nurseries

Children learn best when actively involved in their own learning. The Storyline Approach’s creative, child-centred approach starts with what the child already knows and builds on this.
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Student teachers need ideas and strategies. The Storyline Approach provides a creative framework that they can adapt to meet the needs of children and the curriculum.
The Storyline Manual can support your Storyline journey.


How do you attract visitors? Well, you attract school groups by making their visit relevant to the curriculum.
The  Storyline Approach provides a tried and tested, flexible structure that will help you realise your full potential.