Some of our feedback

SCHOOLS AND NURSERIES      What Teachers say about the Storyline Approach

  • Working this way helps you to see how important it is to plan the activities and the assessment together and to have concrete evidence of children's successes and achievements.
  • Using a Storyline approach has improved my teaching in other subject areas. I can’t wait to plan the next Storyline. The children have really enjoyed working in this way and feel their contributions are important and valued. Their voices are heard!
  • It was good to discuss things, share ideas and work together with colleagues and to have clear learning goals and outcomes.
  • It has given me back the joy of teaching. This approach is so useful across the curriculum.
  • It has been very rewarding seeing the children's confidence grow and develop as independent learners.
  • Planning is so important in the Storyline Approach. If you plan well you can build in flexibility.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed today's training, I really like the creative approach. Being part of a Storyline helps you better understand how it works.
  • This was one of the best learning opportunities I have engaged in over the past few years. It had a noticeable impact on engagement, my children's writing skills and ability to work as part of a team.

What Children say about the Storyline Approach

  • It was very exciting, we didn’t know what was coming next.
  • The activities really make you think a lot. The teacher listened to what we had to say.
  • We really love the way our classroom looks. I liked telling about what I had done.
  • We’ve learned lots but it doesn’t seem like hard work. It made learning fun. There were things I didn't know I could do.
  • This is the best topic ever. It’s good when the teacher asks you what you think. It’s great, we’re in charge. I didn't know I could solve problems!


  • Extremely practical and interesting
  • We learned how to structure lessons and how to question.
  • A great resource for creative learning and problem solving.
  • How well Storyline equips pupils to deal with real life situations.
  • There is no limit to the creativity of the children and where you can take it.
  • Storyline can be used in a very versatile way.
  • The importance of key questions and what they can do.
  • Opportunities to be creative and have fun in a learning environment.


"Carol has helped us see the potential of our property, and other properties, in what we can offer to schools and visitors."